A celebration of all things fermented

Saturday, March 14th, 2020

foeder (FOOD’-er)


A foeder is a large wooden vat traditionally used to age wine and beer.

Foeders are thicker (and larger) than standard barrels, with a higher beer-to-wood ratio, and contain a valve rather than a bung. This affords the brewer a greater level of control over the oxygen level and, therefore, the bacteria and yeast that reside within. Those using a foeder are generally seeking the soft and balanced notes of a beautifully aged beer.

“…for my money, Green Bench Brewing’s celebration of wild and sour ale — Foeder for Thought — is the one that tops my can’t-miss list.”

—Justin Grant, Tampa Bay Times Correspondent


“This is such a spectacular event. I hope everyone appreciates the caliber of beer and brewers that are here tonight. I mean, it’s super special. I think Green Bench does a phenomenal job of fostering that community of artisan beer and beers that are often very much driven by place and time, which is really kind of the philosophy behind what we do at Jester King. Ultimately, we’re trying to make beer that’s very unique to our natural surroundings.”

—Jeffrey Stuffings, Jester King Brewery