2019 Festival Updates

— St. Petersburg, Florida —

6th Annual Foeder for Thought Taplist

— 2/21/2019 —

8 Wired

  • 2017 Wild Feijoa Sour (Draft)
  • 2016 A Fistful of Cherries (Draft)

Alesong Brewing

  • Terroir: Pinot Noir (Bottles)
  • Touch of Brett Mandarina (Bottles)

Atom Brewing

  • Fig Harvest
  • Old Blue – Bourbon BA Sour

B. Nektar

  • Tequila BA Tuco Style Freakout (Draft)

Bakunin Brewing

  • Apricot Tovarisch (Draft)
  • Took A Wild (Draft)

Barrel of Monks

  • Wild Wizard (Bottles)
  • Barrel of Funk Batch #3 (Bottles)

Bird’s Fly South

  • City Bus (Bottles)
  • Paper Planes (Bottles)

Brewery Bhavana

  • Cellar Door #1 Mixed Ferm Foeder Ale
  • Magnifera Wood-Aged Mango Saison
  • Bounty Dry-Hopped Mixed Ferm Saison
  • Brett Saison Foeder Wild Ale

Calusa Brewing

  • Fuzzsaw Massacre (Bottles)
  • Chrewy Totemic (Draft)

Casa Agria Specialty Ales

  • Saison de la Casa
  • Strickland Ranch Wild Ale

Casey Brewing and Blending

  • Apricot Casey Family Preserve (Bottles)
  • Funky Blender Preserves Raspberry/Blackberry (Bottles)

Central State Brewing

  • La Luzerne (Draft)
  • Salvadore (Draft)

Collective Brewing

  • American Sour Red (Bottles)
  • Urban Funkhouse (Bottles)

Coppertail Brewing

  • Prickly Pear Sour (Draft)
  • Soul Finger (Draft)

Creature Comforts

  • Golden Door (Bottles)
  • Fauxjolais (Bottles)

Crooked Stave

  • Colorado Reserva Green Bartlett Pear (Draft)
  • Member Berries Cab Frank (Draft)

Free Will Brewing

  • Olly (Bottles)
  • My Wild Love (Bottles)

Funk Factory Geuzeria

  • Dry Hopped Foeder Saison (Bottles)
  • Faro (Bottles)
  • Four Winters (Bottles)
  • Blueberry Meerts (Bottles)

Garden Path Fermentation

  • The Wet Hop Ship (Draft)
  • The Subtle Blend Montmorency Barrels (Draft)

Hourglass Brewing

  • Raspberry Permeation (Bottles)
  • Bringing Down the Bugs (Bottles)

Jackie O’s Brewing

  • Gingham (Bottles)
  • Off the Beaten Path 3 (Bottles)

Jester King Brewery

  • Spon Three Year Blend (Bottles)
  • Spon Red Grape – Cab Sauv & Shiraz (Bottles)
  • Birra de Sangiovese (Bottles)
  • Petit Prince (Bottles)

Jolly Pumpkin

  • BBA Madrugada Obscura (Draft)
  • Habitante Espiritu Sour White IPA (Draft)

New Belgium Brewing

  • Le Terroir w/ Amarillo & Strata (Draft)
  • Southern Vine Sour (Draft)
  • Blackberry Oscar (Draft)

Odd Breed Wild Ales

  • TBD
  • TBD

Oxbow Brewing

  • Tex Nat (Bottles)
  • First Fruits (Bottles)

Perennial Artisal Ales

  • La Boheme (Bottles)
  • Fruits of Labor: Blackberry + Raspberry (Bottles)

Saunte Adarius Rustic Ales

  • Westly (Draft)
  • Cellerman (Draft)

Side Project

  • Balaton Blend #2
  • Grisette Blend #5

Speciation Artisan Ales

  • Dimorphic (Bottles)
  • Thread of Life (Bottles)
  • Laurentian: Superior Solera w/ Plums (Bottles)

Sunking Brewing

  • Golden Girls
  • Midnight Choir

Transient Artisan Ales

  • Methodic – Gueuze Style Ale (Draft)
  • Foscous – Sour Red w/ Cherry (Draft)

Upland Brewing Company

  • Oak and White
  • Entwined
  • Raspberry
  • Iridescent

Wicked Weed Brewing

  • Garcon de Ferme (Bottles)
  • Red Angel (Bottles)
  • Black Angel (Bottles)
  • Bombadile (Bottles)

Wiseacre Brewing Company

  • Symphonic w/ Pears (Bottles)

Wooden Robot Brewing

  • Jarrahdale Pumpkin Saison (Bottles)
  • Coalescence Farmhouse Ale w/ Persimmon, Fig, and Ginger (Bottles)

Yazoo Brewing

  • Grisette Aged on Sauvignon Blanc Grape (Draft)
  • Foudre Noire (Draft)